Sam Milburn is a ’30 something’ blogger, who spends her days training her exuberant Border Collie ‘Buddy’, while juggling family life with her husband, son, and two cheeky cats. 

She started her website in February 2020 after realising the lack of ‘honest’ blogs about the emotional ups and downs of owning a reactive dog with struggles.

Working from home as a Virtual Assistant, Sam’s love of social media and writing naturally evolved into an authentic and quirky blog about everyday life with her new four-legged friend.


When Sam got her Border Collie puppy in September 2019, she was looking forward to dreams of countryside walks and agility training to fill her days. The reality was, in fact, the opposite. Despite frantically searching online forums for answers, all she found were people just like herself, searching for solutions and a supportive community.

Through her blog, Sam’s down-to-earth writing mixes daily struggles with fun, modern solutions alongside the latest scientific research. Her heartwarming observations have resonated with many readers, and she is quickly building a community of loyal followers.

Sam also reaches out to other Collie owners to try and dispel common myths about the breed.


Sam is always looking for collaborators, be it blog writing or product/location reviews.

For more details and a copy of Sam’s Media Kit please email buddythewhitebordercollie@gmail.com