Buddy the White Border Collie Puppy


Here are some of our recommendations!  We actually use these people so can verify how totally cool and awesome they are.


Super important, I think everyone needs a trainer! Either for some super cool workshops or classes to give your doggie that mental stimulation they crave, or simply because you need a bit of support with something.  There is always hope whatever your struggle don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  There are lots of good trainers out there so always check out reviews, and I have used some other really good ones, as well as other cool online resources, but these are the ones we are using right now.



Our amazing dog trainer, boarder and general all around lifesaver! Nikki and her team run an array of classes and workshops aimed at all levels.  So if you fancy trying your hand at agility, need some 1-2-1 advice, or are looking for a dog walker, they are your people! Nikki is also a pro-dog trainer amongst her many expertise, and part of the ‘Absolute Dogs’ family which leads nicely onto…



Absolute Dogs are run by a vet behaviourist and a world class trainer.  Together they have created concept training.  Slightly different from your usual sit, stay training, it’s all games based and what I love the most is that it trains a WAY OF LIFE.

This was super important to me and saved me at a very difficult time.  Shouting down and stay at your puppy a zillion times is not going to create that all important bond and relationship!

They give away tons of free ebooks and advice but if you want to up your game you can join the academy like me (only open at certain times of year) for £30.00 a month to receive an array of extras including live Q&A’s, new weekly training games and lots more.  Sometimes you just need that extra confidence boost too to know that actually, you CAN do this!  There is a great facebook community just for members too where I have found a pool of advice and made new friends.


Just some of my favourite local pet shops where you will be made to feel very welcome, given lots of free advice no matter how stupid you feel the question might be!

Pet Stop Market Deeping



Pet Stop, 10 Peacock Square, Blenheim Way, Northfields Industrial Estate, Market Deeping, PE6 8LW

These guys are just the best.  Always welcoming and have heaps of advice on offer not to mention a great selection of gear, food and treats including a nice big freezer for raw food fans.  Love that they are local too and  it a chain.

Pets Pantry

12 Market Gate, Market Deeping,Peterborough, PE6 8DL 01778 348666

Another local to me in Market Deeping, owner Jane is super lovely and if you are lucky enough you might catch Border Collie Bliss in there! Buddy loves coming here as he always gets the odd biscuit or two as well as lots of fuss! Again always really helpful and help and advice with everything.  Although it’s on the smaller side this place is an Aladdins cave of goodies, and if they dont have it in stock they might even order in for you.

Mutts Nutts


Located on the Industrial Estate in Werrington this is another stop off favourite of mine stacked full of the best food and products for your doggie.  The staff are always really helpful and always on hand to offer advice and treats! (for your dog that is not you)  There is also a grooming cabin inside ‘Lindsey’s Groomers’ although I’ve not used her myself yet she has some lovely facebook reviews.


You can’t beat sitting down at night and doing a bit of internet shopping!  Here are some of my fave online websites.  Have you got a favourite?  Drop me a message so I can check them out!

Buddy’s Amazon Store

This is Buddy’s amazon store where we put all our recommended products.  If you buy anything from here we make a teeny tiny percentage.  Really though, when I first got Buddy I went though endless items and I wish someone had done me a new puppy essentials list!  So do go and check it out.

Pet Planet


I do like Pet Planet basically because they are just good value! I have had a few things ordered from here and always arrived in good time.  Loads of stuff online you can spend quite a while browsing!

Lords and Labradors


At the other end of the scale my favourite luxury online shop!  OMG the crate covers are gorgeous!  We don’t have a crate anymore so I’m pleased we didn’t actually fork out for one! LOL But if you want to spoil yourself then why not go for it!



We love these guys.  They do the best beds!  Read our Blog here on our review and check out Buddys comfy bed.  Certainly not the cheapest but you need never buy another one!


I know lots of very lovely dog walkers I meet so many all of the time!  I can however only recomend the ones I’ve actually used both are lovely and you wont go wrong with either.



Nikki and her team offer Dog Walking and pop ins and I love that she is a fully qualified trainer too so I know Buddy is in really safe hands.  He always comes back so happy.



We have used Kay many times for dog walks.  She pops in and takes Buddy out locally and also spends time with him at home if we are out for a while.  Really helpful if you have a puppy that can’t walk too far.  She is also a qualified dog trainer with the IMDT.  She is so passionate and caring – you can see how much she just adores doggies!  Having her own, and lots of experience with various dogs and breeds having worked at Wood Green Animal Shelter, I know Buddy is in safe hands.  She will also work with any training needs you have which was really important for us and does holiday care in your own home.