Buddy the White Border Collie Puppy



Following on from my previous post, which turned out to be a pretty hectic morning – this is how the afternoon went and it didn’t exactly go to plan but the afternoon’s walk was an absolute beaut!

12.25pm Back to crate and clicker training – after 10 mins he gets in! Shut the door. Boom! Feed loooots of chicken.  Right decide to release the beast and do it again so he knows it doesn’t always end every time I close the door.  Bad decision. I need to go out and he’s really not getting back in.  Crap crap crap.  I have a meeting this afternoon and I really don’t want to miss it. Decide in haste to bundle him in car and he can stay in the car crate for half hour –  but the person I’m meeting is super understanding and we decide to postpone. 🙈

1.30pm Feeling super deflated.  Buddy is cranky and bucket overflowing so I decide to leave him in kitchen for some calm time while I potter in the bedroom.  Did someone say it was a good idea to get a super intelligent border collie puppy?


2.30pm right it’s school run time so off we go again and collect little man!

3.30pm back home and it’s a glorious afternoon so take Buddy for a 30/40 minute walk I need the sun on my face and the fresh air and he could do with a leg stretch.  We get in the car as we avoid the road at the moment as he lunges at cars – something else we are slowly training on.


4.30pm Back home and cleaned up, Jack needs feeding so tea on, feed cats, and try and keep Buddy entertained.  He seems fairly happy playing on his own which is good with the odd interaction from me and a bit of boundary training.

5.15pm Me and Jack have tea while Buddy gets stuck into a semi frozen hoof.  Buddy spends the next hour chewing a hoof and then we try to do a bit more crate and clicker training. He goes in! Lovely! Leave him for half hour and he has a little snooze. Jack visits us now and again between gaming!

7.45pm Hubby comes home from a late meeting, Buddy has just started a licki mat after getting a bit excited in the lounge.  Is very good while hubby cooks tea if not a little bit of a counter surfer! Luckily we make sure he never finds anything, but it’s a massive pain!

8.30pm to 9.30pm  Buddy is very calm in the lounge with his chews and Jack gets showered and gets to bed.  Usually we have time to read Harry Potter but the time flew away this evening on my own. Feel a bit sad about that.

9.30pm to 10.30pm Spend an entire hour trying to get him in crate.  End up in tears and eventually picking him up while he has a hoof in his mouth so he can’t nibble me.  Feel like a failure as really didn’t want to pick him up, but totally exhausted.  Decide I’m going to try super hard on crate training tomorrow!


10.31pm Flop in bed!

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