Cuckoos Hollow with Buddy the White Border Collie


Today me and Buddy the White Border Collie went for a stroll around Cuckoos Hollow. Cuckoos what? I hear you ask. Did you know there was a large lake in Werrington, north of Peterborough, surrounded by winding paths, big trees, grassy areas to picnic, connected by bridges together with a little play park? Well you do now!

For me it’s a little gem of a place.

We brought my son up in Werrington and I, not being able to drive at the time, used to bring him here most days in the summer! We fed the ducks, had a picnic amongst the trees, rode our bikes and had lots of fun.

It’s also the perfect dog walking place for a wet muddy day with its good pathways, and you can extend the walk if you want to.


To park up I would suggest driving into Werrington Village onto Church Street and turn onto Hall Lane (almost opposite the Bluebell Pub).  Follow the road down and it will wind to the right and I parked on the left hand side. There is free residential parking all around so it’s not too much trouble finding a space.


To get to Cuckoos Hollow, follow the road down until you get to a crossing. Don’t worry it’s just a bus lane so if like me you have a border collie car chaser it’s fairly quiet and safe to cross!

Keep heading straight and you will pass a very cute little play park on the left hand side. I was super impressed as it looks like its been done up recently and sits really nice now amongst the trees. Always strikes me how huge these trees are!


So take your pic and turn left or right and you will come full circle whichever way you go! We chose left today and headed for one of the bridges.


Next to the bridge is a handy sign showing you the layout of Cuckoos Hollow and a bit more information of how they maintain the area.


Lovely little viewing/stopping spot here too. Shame it’s such a cloudy day – doesn’t have quite the same appeal as a blistering hot day in June!


Buddy seems to like the bridge….he’s pretty nosey!


You can stick to the paths or get up close to the lake, nothing here is blocked off and its all really well maintained by the friends of Cuckoos Hollow. The blossom is starting to come through too making it look super pretty right now.


If you head past the next bridge, instead of crossing it to turn full circle, you will reach the Fulbridge Road Subway where you can admire some very cool graffiti art. There are paths then that take you to Gunthorpe, or back into Werrington Village if you want to extend the walk a bit.


There are poo bins everywhere so you wont get caught short lugging your bags around! And every time I have been there are always super friendly dogs and their owners about. Today we met a gorgeous collie cross who I think smelt my sausages a mile off – think the birds had a hankering after it too!


If you want to check out some of my other walks then pop over to my ‘Walks’ page to read up on other cool places me and Buddy the White Border Collie have visited. Been anywhere new lately? Let me know below so we can go and check it out.

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