Six things you should NEVER say to a Border Collie owner

We know different breeds have different traits  – but as a Border Collie owner I do get a little fed up of the same questions! So expect a little sarcasm here…

1.“He’s going to need lots of exercise and mental stimulation you know!”

No I did NOT know that about Border Collies as I had done zero research. Thank f*** you told me as I could have been making a huge mistake! Why thank you kind stranger I’ll take him back this instant and save myself a lot of trouble.

2.“Border Collies need tiring out with three very long walks a day every day don’t they…you are going to be so busy. He’s going to take up all your time…”

I’m pleased that I’m better informed than you…that’s saved me a lot of time….

3.“What’s your Border Collie like around sheep?”

Funny I don’t know that one as I didn’t think the farmer down the road would be too pleased with me just letting him off around his sheep to ‘test’ him out. Do you think he would mind?

4.“What’s he crossed with? (for owners with a Border Collie that’s NOT traditional black and white)”

Say what now? You are asking me what my pure bred Border Collie is crossed with? Make that another Border Collie lovely….

5.“Oh my god you’re getting a Border Collie? They are nuts – you do know that don’t you?”

Yep let’s stereotype them all just because some owners don’t know how to look after them and wonder why they destroy their house when they are at work all day.

6.(While nipping as a puppy) “That’ll be the collie in him that, that’s’ bred into them, you wont be able to do anything about that you know”

You are so right, because puppies of other breeds don’t nip when they play, they gently caress their owners with kisses and cuddles whilst avoiding the use of their baby shark teeth.

I hope if you are a Border Collie owner that made you smile a little. 🙂 If you have any to add leave them in the comments below!  You can also check out my latest Blog about Border Collies here.


  1. This is brilliant! Weve had all of these including:
    -he shouldn’t carry his tail like that (high) it’s a sign of a bad herder and dominance
    – he shouldn’t be round children as he will herd them round the house
    – you can never leave him alone during the day, you need to have him working at all times
    -Theyre too crazy to be family dogs.They never stop and sleep.


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