Bed love with HIK9

We have spent a fortune on beds since we got Buddy.  For a while he has been super duper good and not even attempted to chew them.  But lately he ruined three.  Three bloody beds in succession. Not even when I was out.  For example I was taking a shower, checked on him, room full of fluff.  Lets just put it down to being a pain in the arse teenager and nothing to do with my training okay?

So! I have been wanting to get a HIK9 bed for aggggeees.  Having to justify the cost to my husband was the hardest thing.  Even with the £10 crufts discount online, the bed and cover came to £80.  However, I DID justify the cost and we are now a proud owner! Whoop! (whoever thought I’d get excited over a dog bed…but here we go…)


This blog is not sponsored by or paid for by HIK9 in anyway.  I just love the bed for so many reasons.  So I wanted to share with you why these beds are so cool and will really help with training amongst other things.

1. Boundaries

Something I advocate in our training is boundaries which is what we have always been taught.

When Buddy is not training, playing with me or out for a walk, he is on a boundary with something calm to do.  So either on a bed, or in his pen.  Even the kitchen is a boundary, but at the moment with his sensitivities to noise he is back in his large pen again as he has less room to make bad decisions.  That’s a whooole other blog! LOL!



These beds make the BEST boundaries.  They are raised, so its very clear where they need to be. I have found with a bed on the floor it slips about and he can think that he is on the boundary area when actually he is lying down next to it. This is much, much clearer.  There are also rubber stoppers under to stop it moving around.  We don’t have carpets in the living area so this is super important.

Dogs do seem to love and gravitate towards these beds.  Buddy cannot walk past one at training without jumping up!  I also think there is an element of fun in it for Buddy jumping on and off on cue.  If you want to know more about Boundary training I will be blogging on it soon as it’s what we are doing right now,  Well trying to anyway!

2. Convenience

The bed is made up of connected poles with a mesh cover over the top, which is included, in whichever colour you want.  We went for a nice grey – but it matches my colour scheme!  The reason the mesh is so convenient is that it can simply we wiped down and can withstand chemical cleaners, so I can get my Zoflora Mrs Hinch on!  Being wipeable you can use it inside and outside.  I just wouldn’t leave it outside in the rain – although HIK9 say in their leaflet that its perfectly safe to do so as it’s resistant to rust.


The covers you can get vary too from nice fluffy covers, to water resistant covers and even tunnels! How cool! I went for a fluffy grey cozy sleeve cover to start. It’s made from vet bedding so less likely to chew. Easy to wash and he can still use the bed while it’s drying. Retains heat too and equally the mesh is very cooling in the summer and allows the air to circulate.

3. Portable

This I love.  Now when it arrived it came in its own bag! It’s so super easy to put together.  If I can do it anyone can! So its really easy to take apart and take with you wherever you go. Perfect for visiting family when I don’t want him running around like a headless chicken.


We got a large so probably too big to take to the pub or restaurant but maybe we’ll get another! He probbaly would be fine with a medium but at 7 months old he’s on the larger border Collie side so wanted to make sure it would be big enough as he does have some growing room left in him.

4. Hygiene and Health

As mentioned before the HIK9 is super easy to clean and can withstand chemical cleaners which helps with my cleaning fetish.  The covers are soft and because they are stretched they mould to your doggies body avoiding bed sores  – perfect for doggies with arthritis or joint problems.  I also love that they are raised so there is no condensation build up because of the airflow – it will be lovely in the hot summer for him.


So there it is, my HIK9 review.

If you didn’t want one before you probably do now!  Sorry! LOL!

The HIK9 website is here If you want to check out their range.

We also like to feature people we love and so created a page for them all which you can visit here.



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