Online Dog Training Resources

So most of the world is in some sort of lockdown right now.   Us included in the UK!

It’s bad enough trying to keep the kids entertained let alone an energetic dog! Just a few sessions a day of training games with your dog will really help to tire their brain out, stop you all from going crazy, and have some fun at the same time.


I thought I’d make a list of my best Home Dog Training Resources for you.  Some options are free, some paid for so there is something to suit everyone and all budgets.

Here are my top picks!

On The Ball Virtual Dog Training

These are virtual LIVE training classes run by our very own Dog Trainer Nikki Thurston.  From obedience, to fitness work, and a class called ‘Game On’, these fun classes can be done from the comfort of your own home but with a ‘class’ feel.  Nikki’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and will really give you that boost you need right now!

All participants log in via Zoom, which is free to download, and through live video Nikki explains and demos her dog whilst instructing and giving feedback to you on the exercises.  The really cool thing about this is that it’s live and everyone can see each other!

We gave two classes a try this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. The exercises were really clear and easy enough for my dog, with the option to make it harder.  My dog was also a lot more receptive to me in a familiar environment and because he wasn’t distracted by other dogs.  Nikki also takes the time to feedback to everyone, so it’s just like being in a class, but at home!

Costs of the training classes are just £10 each so you can pick and choose which ones you do, there is no ongoing commitment, and you get an email with instructions on how to join each time including a member only Facebook group.  Or for just £50 a month you can join in with unlimited classes for the whole month. Money well spent and will give us plenty to work on!

Absolute Dogs

Absolute Dogs run an online training academy for £30 a month with access to an amazing amount of videos and training courses.  We have worked our way through the Calm course as well as the Boundary Training course.  There are still 100s of exciting videos with new ones released every week.  The infectious energy of Tom and Lauren, the founders, will have you hooked!

The academy only opens a few times a year but there is still plenty of free content and training videos that you can access from their website and Facebook page.  Individual online courses can also be purchased whether you are an academy member or not.

Zak George

Zak George is a worldwide favorite dog trainer who we love.  He also has a puppy Border Collie and you can follow his adventures and training videos completely free on his youtube channel.  Zak has a book which really goes into depth about his training principles and is well worth a read.  The videos alone are enough to get you going for some free fun!


Known the world over as Kikopups, Emily Larlham has over 350 free training videos on her youtube channel as well as other paid for study options.  Emily’s videos are really informative and her dogs are absolutely gorgeous!

Susan Garrett Dog Training

Susan Garrett is a world renowned trainer, well known for her crate training.  Her online website is full of free cool blogs and sign ups for various training resources, something to get stuck into on a quiet afternoon!

Amazon Prime

If you are already a prime member, did you know you get FREE books and FREE magazines?  Maybe not?  Well you CAN! And you don’t need a kindle either as there are free apps recommended by Amazon that you can download to your phone or tablet.  From Dog Magazines to books, have fun finding some good reads and resources.

I hope that’s given you plenty to get going with.  Have you got any more to add?  leave a message below and maybe we will add your suggestion!

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