Dog walk in Bourne Woods near Peterborough

Bourne Woods is one of our favourite places to hang out for a dog walk near Peterborough, and if you are from Peterborough you may not even know about this little gem of a wood! I say little –  but actually its huge!

When you get to the main Bourne roundabout you want to turn left and skirt around the new housing estate. At the third roundabout there is a sign to turn left towards Grimsthorpe and a little way up on the right hand side is a sign for Bourne Woods.


When you turn off into Bourne Woods, a long track will lead you to the car park, which has plenty of space as well as a few picnic tables dotted around.

There aren’t any toilets here though so be prepared to go in the bushes somewhere if you get caught short!

There are so many trails to take, but the phone signal is really good, so if you end up in the depths of the woods you can easily check google maps to find the direction back to the car park. picking up the nearest trail.


Summer is the best time to go to Bourne Woods, or when there has been a period of dry weather. The tracks that lead off the main stoney path end up very boggy and very VERY muddy!

It’s an ancient wood so the trees here are just spectacular. As it’s SO big, and the view is good in most directions, with many trails into the woodland, you could probably happily walk a reactive dog here and still keep your distance from other dogs.


There are a few cyclists on the main drag though so watch out. We let Buddy off lead in one of the woodland trails and he did amazingly well. We even came across these dens that someone had built!


This is such a great place to bring the kids for a bike ride and picnic too. There are benches dotted around the place.

If you find the ponds too, (which we didn’t this time!) you might be able to spot a Heron or a Kingfisher.

The woodland is kept by Forestry England and the Friends of Bourne Woods organise events throughout the year.

It really is a pretty place to go where you can get back to nature and experience a bit of your own calm and tranquillity.

For more dog walks in and around Peterborough check out this link here.




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